Artificial Intelligence is making road in every domain of life. Identifying email spam, serving advertisement, education, healthcare and policing. You name the field and it is changing and shaping the landscape of every field. Now it is the turn of our city traffic.

AI is arriving in Gurugram's roads.  AI enabled CCTV network for city's surveillance and traffic monitoring will make the city safe and secure. 

This  system is said to be capable of crowd detection, spotting unidentified objects, traffic signal violation detection, over speed detection, and reading of number plates.  

1,200 cameras are proposed to be installed by March this year in Gurugram and Manesar in Phase I and another 800 would be installed in Phase II. This CCTV  project is expected to cover 200-odd places, including major intersections.

Get ready for more Safe & Secure Gurugram !

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