Haryana Government is planning to bring an ordinance to prevent fraudulent land registries.

The State Government is planning to bring an ordinance to amend Section-7A of Haryana Development and Regulation of Urban Areas Act, 1975 pertaining to registration of lands to eliminate and curb fraud. It will check the irregularities of registries and help avoid scams. 

The Dy CM asked the government officials that the concerned departments related with land registry to coordinate and create an online system so that there is no theft of revenue and people are not duped. This online portal will ensure authenticity of the buyer, seller and witness at the time of registry so that no one other than the actual owner of the land can sell the land.

The registration of transfer deeds of various categories of land has been put on hold till August 15 to strengthen the system.

The online system will bring transparency for property transaction, ensuring better safety for buyers and sellers. A digital platform is the need of hour, where a buyer can access all information (land disputes, pending dues, NOC etc...) related to the land before executing a buy transaction.

These corrective measures are being implemented to ensure buyer safety and avoid loss to the buyer. These measures are being put after the illegal registry matter came to notice. 

One learning which stands out from the whole episode is, it always pays to “Engage a broker of Repute” while doing property transactions.

Stay Safe Always!

Image by vishnu vijayan from Pixabay