Covid has changed our living needs.

A home was a personal space, meant for relaxation and socializing.  A sleeping place for the working class. Get up, grab a bite and rush to the office every day. On weekends, go out for groceries and entertainment. Covid has changed it all. 

Now a home is more than a bed, a kitchen and TV, it has become a space for work, school, dining, exercise and a playground.  Now we need a gym, work office, kid’s school in home. We need playground and entertainment spaces within the four walls of our home.   A facility not only for living and relaxation but also for office, kids learning and entertainment. 

Home has become more than a Living Space.  Now we need a bigger space to accommodate all our needs under our home roof.  Commuting spend has gone down and making home more comfortable has become a necessity. We need private space for our work and so do our kids need a quite learning space for themselves. A place free of noise and preferably private space.  This is important for their and our growth.  Few companies have started providing homework allowance to buy a desk and work station. Soon we will need to create a soundproof space for being productive at home too.

Lock down has changed our perception of living and we are seeing new trends... increased space requirements, separate private rooms for office, gym, and school and preferably a home garden.

Image by Pezibear from Pixabay